Rooney Mara Biography

Rooney Mara is a very popular actress who received recognition among the masses after playing the character of Lisbeth Salander in the movie The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. She received Oscar nomination for her performance in this movie. She earned more praise later with her performance in Carol, a drama movie.

Born in one of the most influential football families of America in 1985, Rooney Mara sought to make a name in the world of acting. She got a chance with a role in The Social Network while studying in New York University in 2010. She gave auditions at many places and was finally picked to play the character of Lisbeth Salander in the movie The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in the year 2011. This performance fetched her an Oscar nomination and she has not looked back since then, winning more accolades for her acting abilities in the movie Carol. She received nomination for not just a Golden Globe but also the Oscar with this performance.

The early years
Born as Patricia Rooney Mara on 17 April 1985 in Bedford in New York to Chris Mara and Kathleen McNulty, Mara should have been inclined to football that runs in her family. Her father Chris worked as senior VP for player evaluation in a team called New York Giants while her uncle was the CEO and the President of the same team. In fact, New York Giants was founded by the maternal great grandfather of Rooney Mara while the founder of Pittsburgh Steelers happens to be her maternal great grandfather, Art Rooney Sr.

Young Mara passed her High School from Fox Lane in Bedford in 2003 and took admission in a travelling school that made it possible for her to travel to countries like Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador in a course lasting just 4 months. For a brief time period, Mara took admission in George Washington University but later transferred to NY University to complete her graduation in nonprofits and psychology.

Love for acting developed in Mara after visits to the Broadway to watch shows and also because of seeing classic movies such as Gone with the Wind. Interestingly, her own sister, Kate Mara, had already become an actress by now. Rooney had to audition to get roles and did roles in a few student films while she was in New York University.

Achieving grand success
Rooney had to play the roles of extra in some of the movies in which her sister Kate was the lead actress. One such film was Urban Legend: Bloody Mary which was a horror movie released in 2005She liked to be called Patricia and worked in several television series like ER, The Cleaner, and Law & Order. First movie that had Mara in the lead role was Tanner Hall. She now preferred to be called Rooney as she felt that Rooney was a more memorable name. In the year 2009, Rooney was seen in movies like The Winning Season, Dare, and Youth in Revolt. Filmmaker Magazine released a list of 25 New Faces of Independent Film, and Rooney was able to secure a place for herself in this list.

The breakthrough that Rooney ws waiting impatiently arrived when she got the role of girlfriend of Mark Zuckerberg in the movie called The Social Network in 2010. She also played a good role in the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street in 2010. She was lucky to get the lead role in the trilogy called The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, beating the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Natalia Portman with the help of her auditions.

Rooney next played the character of a computer hacker in a movie based upon a novel written by Stieg Larsson. To look like a nerdy teenager, Rooney shaved her head and then dyed her hair. She even got her eyebrows bleached body pierced to fulfill the requirements of the character. Rooney acted alongside Daniel Craig in this movie that was a major hit at the box office, earning $232 million worldwide. For her stellar performance, Rooney bagged nominations for not just a Golden Globe but also the Oscar.

Showing her wide range of acting skills, Rooney played the character of the estranged wife of Joaquin Phoenix in sci-fi thriller Her in 2013. It was the turn of a Brazilian movie Trash in the genre of thriller next, and she capped career in 2015 by working in Pan, a movie in the genre of kids adventure. In 2015, she also worked in Carol, a romance drama. This film, set in the 50’s, is actually based upon a novel called The Price of Salt, written by Patricia Highsmith. Patricia has also written The Talented Mr. Ripley. In this movie, Rooney portrays the character of a storekeeper who falls in love with another woman who is a housewife. Cate Blanchett has played the role of this established housewife and both Cate and Mara have received nominations for Golden Globe for lead actress for their performances in this movie. The movie Carol also received Golden Globe nominations in categories of best drama, best score, and best direction. A few days later, Rooney Mara received an Oscar nomination in the category of supporting actress for her performance in the movie Carol.

Life at the personal front
Philanthropy runs in Rooney Mara’s blood. Her family has founded a charity called Faces of Kibera. This charity provides shelter, medicines, and food to orphans in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Rooney says that she doesn’t really love football but knows that it is football that has kept her family glued together. Mara lives in Los Angeles and she has been in a deep relationship with Charlie McDowell, son of legendary actor Malcolm McDowell.