Franz Kafka Biography

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) – writer, prosaic.

Kafka was born on July 3, 1883 in Czechia. Hу was first had been educated in primary school (since 1889 till 1893). He left gymnasium in 1901 and it was next stage in his education. Later he entered Karlov University and after graduation he became Doctor of Laws.

He began his career in insurance department where he worked as petty officer. Despite his passion for literature most of his works were published after his death but he didn’t love his official work. During his life Kafka felt in love several times. But the writer had never been married.

Most of Kafka’s works are written in German. His prose reflects writer’s fear of outside world, worry and diffidence. Relations between France and his father which were early severed are reflected in “Letter to His Father”.

Kafka was very sickly man but he tried to withstand all his illnesses. Kafka had a sever disease in 1917 (lungs bloodstorke) and as a result he had a tuberculosis. Franz Kafka died of tuberculosis in July 1924.